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Wilkerson Realty
4635 Hampshire Street Boulder CO 80301


Property Management Services


Wilkerson Realty offers FULL SERVICE care of your rental property from tenant selection to collecting rent. We recognize the importance for each individual property to be tailored to the detailed requirements and goals of our clients and their tenants.
Our services include:
Tenant Selection Process: Advertising your property, collecting applications from prospects, screening those applicants and then choosing the perfect tenant that best suits your needs.
Lease Preparation: We handle all leasing contracts and collect security deposits.
Preparing Your Rentals for New Tenants: Making sure that your property is in tip-top shape for new movers. Making sure that any carpet cleaning, painting, etc. gets done.
Collecting Rent & Due Fees: Collecting rent on a monthly basis in a timely manner and paying YOU! Collection of security and pet deposits. Following up with any delinquencies.
Maintaining Your Property: Whether you have interior or exterior maintenance repairs that need done, we will make sure that it gets done promptly and efficiently! We will find the right technician that suits your needs, is cost efficient, and schedule any labor that needs to be done. Electrical repairs, toilet repairs, lawn care, paint jobs, snow and trash removal and any other requests you may have, we will get it done.
Responding to Emergencies: 24/7 Emergency On-Call help.
Bookkeeping: Maintaining records of fees collected and invoices paid.
Monthly Property Owner Reports: Receive monthly income statements.